We have organized different kind of events. We wish our client to give us borderlines after which we can easily plan and organize the event according to client’s wishes and demands. We are also willing to help in general planning as well as to present an idea of the whole concept. We are happy to take the event management responsibility of the event in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Whatever the event, it will be taken care of with long experience and professional touch.

While working abroad in different congress offices I organized conferences, trade fairs and other events as well as incentive tours in Central Europe (Prague, Budapest and Vienna).

Here in Finland I have worked in a busy international event site. I have organized hundreds of different public and mass events, corporate events, and I have implemented big international projects (international sport events, trade fairs, product launches, general assemblies, shows, concerts etc).

Below one can find examples of some events we have organized recently:

Tropical Wedding party
"The event site of the wedding party was a tropical greenhouse where Samoan dance group welcomed the guests according to Samoan tradition. After several exciting programs and Samoan dances, a dancer from Lapland performed a fire show. Tropical food was delicious and the colorful tropical drinks were appreciated in the colorful tropical paradise like environment. The guests were very pleased and impressed to get to know the tropical Helsinki."

Company Meeting- and Recreational Trip to the Archipelago
"The group reached easily a relaxed and open atmosphere in the Archipelago. The meeting site and the diverse arrangements were appreciated. After the official part of the meeting day, the group cruised with a boat between the islands. Some of the guests went fishing accompanied by a fishing guide. The group admired the beauty of the unique archipelago – they took ashore on a deserted island where delicious salmon soup was served with other fish delicacies."

Educational & Motivational Day for company staff
"The personnel was motivated and guided to teamwork through sport activities. After the sport, the groups enjoyed traditional Finnish sauna followed by a nice dinner, and an exciting, action-packed and mystique program."

International Airline's 30-years jubilee in Finland
"The International Airline's 30-years in Finland Jubilee was prized with great attention. The management and representatives flied to Finland from all parts of Europe. The program and the event site were fancy and suited for the theme very well. The star performance of the evening was rock-spirited female trio from Vienna playing Rock Music with classical lyrics. After the high-quality and colorful program, the guests enjoyed the party and atmosphere by dancing until late hours with songs of a popular cover-band."